Service Bulletins

Service Bulletins

All RT/PM Games
Bill Acceptor Options
Mars AE 2654 U512V cable diagram

11-27-2013 – Enable integrated NIC settings in BIOS (Dell Opti 3010)

Big Buck HD
12-20-2012 – Monitor marquee assembly

Big Buck Hunter Pro
04-01-2008 – Solution for game entering test mode or giving credits randomly
03-29-2006 – Control panel service bulletin
02-28-2006 – RAM replacement
02-28-2006 – Gray screen solution

Big Buck Safari 27″
12-04-2008 – Component change from Mars to Pyramid dollar bill acceptors

The Fast and the Furious
11-09-2006 – Program bug in v1.82

The Fast and the Furious: Drift
05-14-2007 – Monitor bezel mounting screws
Standoff replacement and add fuse holder

The Fast and the Furious: Superbikes
Standoff replacement and add fuse holder

Guitar Hero Arcade
12-14-2010 – Stuck on loading screen remedy
09-15-2009 – Software enhancements
07-17-2009 – Guitar operator servicable parts
02-26-2009 – Fret cover replacement
Grounding foil for guitar neck
Guitar Hero Arcade – Hose replacement

07-15-2009 – Bill Acceptor, security, and 36″ door locations

Pac-man Chomp Mania
Fuse replacement
Foam washer installation
Card Dispenser Install Guide

Terminator Salvation
08-31-2012 – IR LED Harness

X Games Snowboarder
02/26/2019 – Platform Separation Service Bulletin

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