Superbikes 2™ features Dubai track

Raw Thrills is proud and excited to feature Dubai as a race course in the new blockbuster racing game SuperBikes 2™!

Raw Thrills first considered Dubai as a setting following a suggestion from Prakash Vivekanand of Amusement Services International at 2009’s IAAPA Show. Prakash explained the growth and energy of Dubai and encouraged further study.

Dubai – a crossroads of traditional Islamic and Arab culture and modern World dynamism – is energetic, young, and high-octane. Home to the largest collections of Superbikes and Supercars in the world, Dubai is no stranger to the sight of tricked-out rides and exotics cruising the skyscraper canyon of Sheikh Zayed Road.

Featuring the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, the enchanting Palm Islands, and the non-stop urban energy of downtown, Dubai is a natural setting for this larger-than-life racing adventure.

In preparation for this unprecedented undertaking, Raw Thrills sent a team of HD artists and 3D data technicians to Dubai to capture the architecture, layout, and city life so they could best represent the vibrancy of the Emirate. This research culminated in the SuperBIkes 2™ Dubai fantasy race course, a hyper-realistic joyride through the glowing, brightly-lit Dubai night.

In addition to the picturesque Burj Al Arab hotel, and the dazzling glow of skyscrapers, some knowing references to the ongoing construction and development are included. The race course at one point breaks into a construction site, forcing the racers to navigate between welding torches, cranes, and bulldozers.

“Of all the incredible tracks in SuperBikes 2™, Dubai stands out,” says famed game designer Eugene Jarvis. “It captures exactly the vibe and feel of a hot, exciting race under the evening sky. Who wouldn’t want to burn through Doha Road with some friends to see who’s the SuperBikes 2™ king of the night?”

SuperBikes 2™ Copyright 2010 Raw Thrills, Inc.