Jurassic Park Arcade Earnings Reports: Proof It’s a MUST HAVE At Your Location!

The Jurassic Park Arcade has been exciting operators everywhere with it’s unstoppable performance in the arcade gaming industry.


“We are thrilled to include Jurassic Park Arcade in our 2015 Summer of Games line-up. It’s as close as you can get to actually visiting ‘Isla Nublar’ in person!” – Kevin Bachus, Senior VP of Entertainment & Game Strategy, Dave & Buster’s

“Jurassic Park Arcade is proving to be a monster hit in UK arcades.”
– John Brennan, Commercial Director, Bandai Namco Amusement

“Anyone who says ‘video is dead’ doesn’t own Jurassic Park Arcade! IT’S A WINNER for sure!” – Glenn Kramer, CEO, Elaut USA, Inc.

“We operate Jurassic Park Arcade in multiple centers and it is consistently a top-earning piece!” – Brian Cohen, VP of Operations, Itz Pizza & Pin Stack

“Jurassic Park Arcade is a great looking piece and has been one of our top earners by far. It has been a great addition to our game rooms.” – Shawn Hetzel, Arcade Manager, Frankies of Greenville

“Pinballz Kingdom has been very happy with initial earnings of the Jurassic Park Arcade from Raw Thrills. We believe the gameplay superior to any and all other similar environment games, and franchise strength doesn’t hurt. Raw Thrills definitely has a winner on their hands!” – Darren Spohn, CEO, Pinballz Kingdom

Earnings reports are showing that TWO Jurassic Park Arcades are better than one!

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Only have room for one? You will still shred earnings reports and reap the benefits of The Jurassic Park Arcade!

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For more information contact sales@rawthrills.com



Raw Thrills Attending Northwest Amusement Showcase

Raw Thrills will be attending the 6th Annual Northwest Amusement Showcase on Saturday, October 24th in Vancouver, WA! Meet with a representative to hear the latest on Raw Thrills creations!

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EVENT SCHEDULE: 2015 Big Buck World Championship

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Jurassic Park Arcade Game Shreds Earnings Reports


The Jurassic Park Arcade game has been tearing up earnings reports and filling operator pockets with cash! WJP_motion-deluxe_cab-render-2 2 (1)ith it’s high quality HD graphics and rumbling surround sound, players are transported to the majestic island of Isla Nubar for an epic and unforgettable adventure. Earning an average of over $900 a week across five different regions, Jurassic Park has earned its title as one of the TOP earning arcades of the summer. Featured in Dave & Buster’s commercials, it is a no brainer that the Jurassic Park Arcade game is a must have for every operator who is ready to see a boost in their cash flow. From the cabinet to the high quality effects, the Jurassic Park Arcade game and it’s earnings are larger than life!

Check out the latest collections reports HERE to see just how much TWO Jurassic Park Arcade are worth! Don’t even have your first Jurassic Park Arcade, collections reports HERE because one is better than none.