3D Game Programmer

Game Programmer

We are hiring programmers of all experience levels. Our company works in small teams in which all members pitch in on various aspects of the project. It’s a great opportunity for a beginner to learn, and a great opportunity for more senior programmers to shine.

Required Skills
• Passion for and knowledge of video games
• Diligent work ethic
• Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Math, Electrical Engineering or related field
• Ability to write robust and maintainable C/C++ code
• Ability to optimize code for real-time performance
• Knowledgeable in math related to 3D graphics
• Strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills
• Strong time-management, communication and organization skills
• Enthusiastic, self-motivated team worker
• Ability to work effectively on a small team
• Ability to think creatively and to resolve technical challenges and limitations
• Excellent time management skills

Additional Valued Skills
• Experience with Direct3D or OpenGL
• Game engine design and enhancement
• Experience programming special effects, lighting/rendering systems and/or custom shaders
• Experience developing art production tools and plugins
• Any artistic ability, especially proficiency with Photoshop and/or 3DS Max
• Creativity in all aspects of game production and development

Application Requirements and Information:

• Resume is required to be considered for review
• Demo reel / portfolio is strongly recommended


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