Guitar Hero™ Arcade Rocks California Extreme Event 2009



2009 CA Extreme, a celebration of coin operated pinball machines, video games and amusement novelties, cranked up the volume at its 13th annual event with a two day Guitar Hero™ Arcade tournament. Raw Thrills, developer of Guitar Hero™ Arcade and Betson Enterprises the exclusive Raw Thrills distributor for coin operated products, was the official sponsor of this event held in Santa Clara, CA, July 11th -12th. Over 50 players from all over North America entered the contest to compete for the grand prize, an Ultimate Guitar Hero™ package that consisted of a Wii Console complete with a full band kit and 5 Guitar Hero™ Arcade titles. Prize packages of Guitar Hero™ products with a retail value of over $2,000 were awarded to the top 16 players. Players were required to test their skills on (5) predetermined Guitar Hero™ Arcade songs. Each player was required to compete on the same level of difficulty and was awarded points for the placement of their song scores in the 5 categories. The top 16 players advanced to a 4 round showdown that narrowed the field to 2 players who would battle it out in a best-of-three contest. Bowen Kerins, Tournament Director of CA Extreme, noted,“A lot of people were introduced to Guitar Hero™ Arcade for the first time.” He added, “Guitar Hero™ Arcade was played before, during, and after the tournament events on both days.” Boys, girls, men and woman from as far as Massachusetts and Burnaby, Canada entered the competition. Alec Castillo, a 14 year old contestant held off some stiff competition from Justin Kelly, a 33 year old Pinball Enthusiast, who just couldn’t resist the chance to compete on the popular Guitar Hero™ Arcade machine. “I play the Guitar Hero™ Arcade at my local theater all the time!” said Justin. “It’s a great game!” At the end of the event Tony Maniscalco, of Betson Enterprises, and Bowen Kerins, Tournament Director of CA Extreme, presented Alec Castillo with a Guitar Hero™ Arcade championship plaque and the Ultimate Guitar Hero™ prize package. “Coin Operators already know the value of promoting tournaments and contests on the Play Mechanix Big Buck Hunter Pro and Safari products.” said Tony Maniscalco. “Guitar Hero™ Arcade is the perfect product to drive location traffic with organized contests!” To see the excitement created by the Guitar Hero™ Arcade tournament at CA Extreme 2009, visit the Betson4Games Channel on

Guitar Hero™ Arcade Surpasses 2000 Units!!!


Guitar Hero™ Arcade
#1 Video Attraction Surpasses 2,000 Units

Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix are pleased to announce they have shipped over 2,000 units of the mega blockbuster hit “Guitar Hero™ Arcade” since production started 3 months ago.

As reported by Raw Thrills Distribution Network, Guitar Hero™ Arcade is turning in some really big collections in arcades all across the country. The popularity of Guitar Hero™ Arcade is so strong that many of the regional and national amusement facilities (movie theaters, FEC’s, LBE’s, bowling centers, amusement parks, big box retailers) have covered all their locations with at least one game and have doubled up in many others. Coinstar, the largest operator in Wal-Mart, stated that the game set a benchmark that all other manufacturers are trying to emulate. “Guitar Hero™ Arcade is by far our number 1 collecting video game in all of our Wal-Mart stores.”

Capitalizing on the popularity of the game, operators have been successfully promoting local Guitar Hero™ Arcade Contests with players competing for prizes and top honors as the Best of the Band! Brown University radio station, WBRU, is running weekly Guitar Hero™ Arcade Contests on campus to offer a much needed break from the rigors of collegiate academia. More and more arcade events are beginning to pop up all over North American Amusement Centers. “The current pipeline of orders for Guitar Hero™ Arcade is growing daily and we have not experienced this type of excitement for a video game in a long time,” said Bob Boals Executive Vice President of Betson Enterprises.

North America is not the only country where Guitar Hero™ Arcade is a success. Spain, Italy, Germany, England, France, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, India, Middle East, Africa, China and Canada are also enjoying tremendous success with this product. Music is truly the universal language.

Guitar Hero™ Arcade is currently available through a special finance program being offered by Firestone Financial. The Raw Thrills / Play Mechanix team would like to thank everyone for their support, not only with this release but with all Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix products. Betson Enterprises would also like to take this opportunity to thank its distributor network for supporting the release of Guitar Hero™ Arcade so wholeheartedly and for helping to drive sales in their individual markets.

Big Buck Safari® Tournament Gets Beest-ly


Big Buck Safari® Tournament Gets Beest-ly

Play Mechanix is looking for more Hunter Heroes with “King of the Beests”, the second Big Buck Safari® Online National Tournament. The number of Big Buck Safari® Online games has doubled since the “Kick Off Tournament”, which means we are likely to see an entirely different set of players on the leaderboard. Nathan Warner of Portland, OR is the first Big Buck Safari® Tournament Champion, he now has the opportunity to be the first back-to-back winner with “King of the Beests”. The Big Buck Safari® “King of the Beests” Tournament runs until January and it has a top prize of $250 and a total prize pool of over $750.

The top 5 winners of the December “Kick Off” Tournament are listed below:
1 – Nathan Warner
2 – Keenan Hughes
3 – Matthew Budzisz
4 – Kyle Sherwin
5 – Daniel Munschau

“The Monthly National Tournaments that are run by Play Mechanix™ are just the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to CoinUp®,” states David Snipes, CoinUp® Customer Service Manager. He continues, “Creating local tournaments, Trophy Club and Hunting parties are also adding new dimensions to Big Buck Hunter Pro and Big Buck Safari. Also, look for some surprises to come on board to CoinUp® later this year.”

The Big Buck Safari® King of the Beests Tournament runs from January 1st to January 21st.

The only way to participate in these tournaments is on a Big Buck Hunter® Pro Online and Big Buck Safari® Online game.

If you have any questions about the CoinUp® network, contact Dave Snipes at or by phone at 630-942-1070 ext-131. Add the Big Buck Hunter® Pro Online gadget to your iGoogle page by following this link.

Big Buck Hunter® PRO 2008 World Championship Tournament

2008_BBWC Recap



The Windy City will play host to the greatest Hunter Heroes that the World has ever seen. The competition will be fierce but when the dust settles in Chicago on October 18th, the 2008 Big Buck Hunter® Pro World Champion will be crowned. There will be a total of $22,000 in prize money given away and the Champion will be taking home the top prize of $10,000 as well as the Big Buck Hunter® Pro World Championship Title.

Players from across the country will have a chance to participate in this inaugural event by first competing in one of four Regional Qualifying Online Tournaments (East, South, Midwest, West). The Regional Qualifying Online Tournaments will begin on August 8th and will end on September 7th and will automatically appear on all CoinUp™ (online) enabled Big Buck Hunter® Pro machines. The TOP 50 players from each region will qualify for one of the four Regional Finals which will be held in September.

The Regional Finals are LIVE EVENTS and the format will be a head-to-head, single elimination Shootout. Players should practice on Shootout mode since this will be the mode used for this tournament. The top 5 winners from each Regional Final will qualify to compete in the WORLD Championship on Saturday, October 18th in Chicago, IL.

The 2008 Big Buck Hunter® Pro WORLD Championship will be a head-to-head, double elimination shootout. The WORLD Championship is a Live Event and the last hunter standing will walk away with the $10,000 top prize plus the World Championship title.

Only online Big Buck Hunter® Pro Game Machines will be able to participate in these tournaments. There is still time to put your Big Buck Hunter® Pro’s online. Contact your local distributor to purchase a CoinUp™ kit so that your players have a chance to become the first Big Buck Hunter® Pro World Champion.

Watch the FULL STORY here.


Professor of Play – by Andy Seifert –

There is a great article about Eugene Jarvis’ legacy in the video game world. If you have a minute check out the link below.

Seifert, Andy. “Professor of Play.” NEWCITYCHICAGO.COM: Street Smart Chicago. 1 Apr. 2008. Web. 24 June 2010.