Terminator Salvation™ is the Total Package


The results are in: Terminator Salvation™ Arcade is the Total Package!

One look at Terminator Salvation™ Arcade, the new 2 player arcade shooter by Play Mechanix, and operators will immediately understand why players are drawn to it, dropping coin after coin to play this exciting game. The collections reported from FEC’s and street locations confirm and surpass operators’ cashbox expectations.

Test samples in the market are blowing away the competition. A movie theater in NY has averaged over $1,000 per week, for eight weeks. A billiard parlor in NYC reported $1,300 on a two-week collection. A New England sports bar reported a one week collection of $1,100 (the highest collection of any gun game ever at this facility). A Southwest bowling center reported a 3 week high collection of $1,800, while an East Coast indoor sports facility clocked in a 2 week collection of $1,600.

Reports from all over the country keep pouring in with very strong collection numbers and continue to distance themselves from the competitive games in locations each week. Production on the initial release of this arcade shooter is set to commence in April. “There was never any doubt that Terminator Salvation™ Arcade was going to be a big hit,” stated Bob Boals, Executive Vice President of Betson Enterprises. “And it is not surprising that earnings continue to grow each and every week.”

Terminator Salvation™ Arcade is truly the total package! Operators are being advised to get their orders in early with their authorized Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix distributor to get early delivery to experience exhilarating revenue.

Everyone loves Terminator Salvation™


Everyone loves Terminator Salvation™

PlayMechanix™, game studio of the highly successful Big Buck Series, is about to raise the bar with its latest release, Terminator Salvation™. Betson Enterprises, the worldwide-exclusive distributor of Terminator Salvation™, debuted the 42” deluxe game at the 2009 IAAPA Trade Show to the delight of attendees from around the World.

This is a special project for George Petro, President of PlayMechanix™, who was the director for the development team at Midway Games that brought the smash hit arcade shooter Terminator 2: Judgment Day™ to us back in 1991. “I have waited a long time to bring this product to the market. Thanks to today’s technology and an incredibly talented development team; we are able to bring the T-800 to life like never before!” said Petro. “Everyone loves the Terminator!”

Even the cabinet of this new shooter will set a new standard. At the top of the marquee is a replica of the Terminator T-800 head with glowing red eyes that appear to be watching the players every move. The specially designed recoiling guns offer different feedback effects for the many special weapons that can be obtained during play, giving the players unparalleled realism. Last but not least, is the faux neon treatment that gives this cabinet an ominous, but a very cool effect. Needless to say, the 42” LCD Panel creates a movie theater-like presentation.

Early collection reports from around the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States confirm what Petro claims, “EVERYONE really does love the Terminator!” These collection reports have prompted a fury of sales orders from operators worldwide. “It has been quite some time since we have seen the excitement of a game like Terminator Salvation™ translate into hefty sales orders from operators and our distributor partners,” stated Bob Boals, Executive Vice President of Betson Enterprises. “The timing for the release of this product could not be any better!”

H2Overdrive™ Commissions First Fleet Admiral

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H2Overdrive™ Commissions First Fleet Admiral Betson Enterprises, a leading distributor of coin operated amusement and vending equipment, coin-op parts and service is thrilled to report that the top ranked watercraft racer, H2Overdrive™ is making waves at arcades all over the globe. H2Overdrive™ was designed for both gamers and casual players. For the gamers, H2Overdrive™ challenges players to unlock “achievements” during their game play allowing them to advance their way to the top rank of Fleet Admiral. A keypad entry feature allows players to store their watercraft upgrades and achievements. This feature creates repeat traffic to the location, player loyalty to the machine, and ultimately, increased revenue for the operator. Recently, the highest rank obtainable, Fleet Admiral, was achieved on this incredibly popular deluxe driver at a Main Event facility in Texas. For a player to obtain the Fleet Admiral ranking, one must spend an estimated $500 – $600. “That type of investment of time and money by the player, speaks volumes of the entertainment value that players are getting from another Raw Thrills product,” said Tony Maniscalco, of Betson Enterprises. Casual players find the simple yet competitive game play addicting. Since the release of the game in late June, 2009, H2Overdrive™ has sold close to 2000 seats worldwide. “With tremendous player appeal, game play depth and strong collection reports, H2O is poised to capture sales this spring for summer placement,” stated Maniscalco.

Eugene Jarvis Named NY-AMOA “Man of the Year”


Eugene Jarvis Named NY-AMOA “Man of the Year”
At the beginning of each year, the NY-AMOA honors a selected industry professional who continually contributes and positively impacts the coin-op industry. This year the NY-AMOA will bestow the honor of “Man of the Year” on Eugene Jarvis of Raw Thrills at the annual dinner held at Riccardo’s by the Bridge in Astoria Queens, New York.

In 1977, Eugene graduated from the University of California (Berkeley) with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and started his career in the game industry with Atari as a game designer working under the design legend Nolan Bushnell. Like many teenagers in the 70’s Jarvis spent way too much time in game rooms playing pinball, and those new fangled TV games like PONG, Tank, and Breakout. Working at Atari was a dream come true.

In 1979, Eugene headed to Chicago to program pinball games for Williams Electronics with the “King of Pinball,” Steve Ritchie. During his time with Williams/Bally/Midway, Eugene was responsible for the creation and development of a number of chart topping and industry changing games including Firepower, Defender, Robotron, NARC, Smash TV, and the record breaking Cruis’n driving game Series: Cruis’n USA, Cruis’n World, and Cruis’n Exotica.

After Midway left the arcade game business in 2001, Eugene co-founded Raw Thrills Inc. with Midway alumni Andrew Eloff and Deepak Deo., Raw Thrills has enjoyed the continued success as a game design and development firm. Their hit games such as Target: Terror, The Fast and The Furious, Drift and SuperBikes all reached #1 in industry revenues charts. In 2007, Raw Thrills merged with Play Mechanix, the creators of Big Buck Hunter and Deal or No Deal. This combination of talents developed such arcade hits as Big Buck Hunter Pro, Big Buck Safari, Big Buck Open Season, and the recently previewed Terminator Salvation. Meanwhile, the Raw Thrills studio has continued to innovate with the introduction of the hits Guitar Hero Arcade and H2Overdrive in 2009.

Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix have received many industry accolades including “Manufacturer of the Year” award for 2007 and 2008 from the American Amusement Machine Association, as well as numerous AMOA, IAPPA, and AAMA awards for their best selling games.

Jarvis states, “Being honored by the NY-AMOA as Man of the Year is especially meaningful to me. Although my games and companies have received numerous awards over the years, this is the first time I have been personally recognized by the arcade game industry. There is no better judge of value in our industry then the game operators. Hopefully no one will ask me for a refund! It is a great honor and after 33 years in the business, I am ready to party!”

“Through his designs and leadership, Eugene Jarvis has helped the coin-op industry grow and reach new levels of success. We owe a lot of gratitude to him and his achievements. His games have allowed the operating community to flourish,” stated NY-AMOA President Ken Goldberg.

With respect to future game innovation, Jarvis forecasts the development of new user interface and display technologies to create compelling new arcade entertainment experiences. “This is not pie in the sky; you will see some crazy new stuff from us as soon as next year! I really enjoy pioneering new game technology and mentoring a new generation of game designers for the arcade industry. We need to develop the next generation of talent that will lead this industry into the future. But as much as things change, the goal always remains the same. Create the best entertainment you can for the player, and you create new profit opportunities for the game operator. Thanks again for this honor.”

H2Overdrive™ on the Red Carpet at the Video Game Awards


H2Overdrive on the Red Carpet at the Video Game Awards

Raw Thrills and development house Specular Interactive received a special invitation to display their latest arcade watercraft racer at the upcoming Spike TV Video Game Awards event to be held at the Nokia Center in Los Angeles on December 12th. H2Overdrive will be prominently displayed on the red carpet for the entertainment of celebrities and video game fans attending this event. Steve Ranck, President of Specular Interactive, was blown away by the invite. “This type of recognition, from a Multi-Billion dollar industry, just confirms that arcade development is still an important facet of the video game industry, stated Ranck. “It is truly a great honor!”

In an effort to help gamers find out where they can play H2Overdrive, Specular will be hosting an H2Overdrive game locator on their websites www.h2overdrive.com & www.specular.com. Operators, players and locations are encouraged to post the location(s) where an H2Overdrive can be easily found for players’ enjoyment. “H2Overdrive is an arcade exclusive! This game locator will be a great way to drive player traffic to these locations,” added Ranck.