Universal Space to Offer H2Overdrive in Asia


Universal Space to Offer H2Overdrive in Asia
Betson Enterprises, a leading coin operated distributor of amusement and vending equipment, coin operated parts and service is pleased to announce that an exclusive distribution agreement has been reached with Universal Space (UNIS). This agreement will allow UNIS to market and sell the highly successful Raw Thrills arcade watercraft racer H2Overdrive exclusively in China.

“UNIS brings a successful past selling record to the table and we are honored to work with them on distribution of the H2Overdrive product”, stated Bob Boals, Executive VP of Betson Enterprises. Past accomplishments include the successful exclusive distribution of The Fast and the Furious Drift and The Fast and Furious Super Bikes.

While the main focus will be sales and marketing into the Chinese market, Universal Space will also offer H2Overdrive on a non-exclusive basis throughout other parts of Asia and other approved territories by Betson.

For more information on H2Overdrive or any of the other products that UNIS offers please feel free to visit their website, email, or just call 905-477-2823.

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