Terminator Salvation™ Tops 1000 Units

We are proud to announce that over 1,000 units of Terminator Salvation™ have been shipped in less than 30 days after production. Orders continue to come in! With such strong collection numbers, Terminator Salvation™ is headed straight to the top of the charts as the number one shooting game. FEC’s, Bowling Centers and Movie Theaters report exceptional earnings.

“I can’t recall a time where a game of this magnitude had such a quick impact on the market,” stated Bob Boals, Vice President of Betson Enterprises. “We are seeing the same overwhelming demand worldwide on this new product. With large backorders from Japan, Europe and other parts of the world we expect the production line to keep very busy for a long time to come.”

Betson Enterprises, Raw Thrills, and Play Mechanix would like to thank their valuable customers for the support in reaching this milestone!

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