Everyone loves Terminator Salvation™


Everyone loves Terminator Salvation™

PlayMechanix™, game studio of the highly successful Big Buck Series, is about to raise the bar with its latest release, Terminator Salvation™. Betson Enterprises, the worldwide-exclusive distributor of Terminator Salvation™, debuted the 42” deluxe game at the 2009 IAAPA Trade Show to the delight of attendees from around the World.

This is a special project for George Petro, President of PlayMechanix™, who was the director for the development team at Midway Games that brought the smash hit arcade shooter Terminator 2: Judgment Day™ to us back in 1991. “I have waited a long time to bring this product to the market. Thanks to today’s technology and an incredibly talented development team; we are able to bring the T-800 to life like never before!” said Petro. “Everyone loves the Terminator!”

Even the cabinet of this new shooter will set a new standard. At the top of the marquee is a replica of the Terminator T-800 head with glowing red eyes that appear to be watching the players every move. The specially designed recoiling guns offer different feedback effects for the many special weapons that can be obtained during play, giving the players unparalleled realism. Last but not least, is the faux neon treatment that gives this cabinet an ominous, but a very cool effect. Needless to say, the 42” LCD Panel creates a movie theater-like presentation.

Early collection reports from around the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States confirm what Petro claims, “EVERYONE really does love the Terminator!” These collection reports have prompted a fury of sales orders from operators worldwide. “It has been quite some time since we have seen the excitement of a game like Terminator Salvation™ translate into hefty sales orders from operators and our distributor partners,” stated Bob Boals, Executive Vice President of Betson Enterprises. “The timing for the release of this product could not be any better!”

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