H2Overdrive™ Commissions First Fleet Admiral

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H2Overdrive™ Commissions First Fleet Admiral Betson Enterprises, a leading distributor of coin operated amusement and vending equipment, coin-op parts and service is thrilled to report that the top ranked watercraft racer, H2Overdrive™ is making waves at arcades all over the globe. H2Overdrive™ was designed for both gamers and casual players. For the gamers, H2Overdrive™ challenges players to unlock “achievements” during their game play allowing them to advance their way to the top rank of Fleet Admiral. A keypad entry feature allows players to store their watercraft upgrades and achievements. This feature creates repeat traffic to the location, player loyalty to the machine, and ultimately, increased revenue for the operator. Recently, the highest rank obtainable, Fleet Admiral, was achieved on this incredibly popular deluxe driver at a Main Event facility in Texas. For a player to obtain the Fleet Admiral ranking, one must spend an estimated $500 – $600. “That type of investment of time and money by the player, speaks volumes of the entertainment value that players are getting from another Raw Thrills product,” said Tony Maniscalco, of Betson Enterprises. Casual players find the simple yet competitive game play addicting. Since the release of the game in late June, 2009, H2Overdrive™ has sold close to 2000 seats worldwide. “With tremendous player appeal, game play depth and strong collection reports, H2O is poised to capture sales this spring for summer placement,” stated Maniscalco.

H2Overdrive™ on the Red Carpet at the Video Game Awards


H2Overdrive on the Red Carpet at the Video Game Awards

Raw Thrills and development house Specular Interactive received a special invitation to display their latest arcade watercraft racer at the upcoming Spike TV Video Game Awards event to be held at the Nokia Center in Los Angeles on December 12th. H2Overdrive will be prominently displayed on the red carpet for the entertainment of celebrities and video game fans attending this event. Steve Ranck, President of Specular Interactive, was blown away by the invite. “This type of recognition, from a Multi-Billion dollar industry, just confirms that arcade development is still an important facet of the video game industry, stated Ranck. “It is truly a great honor!”

In an effort to help gamers find out where they can play H2Overdrive, Specular will be hosting an H2Overdrive game locator on their websites www.h2overdrive.com & www.specular.com. Operators, players and locations are encouraged to post the location(s) where an H2Overdrive can be easily found for players’ enjoyment. “H2Overdrive is an arcade exclusive! This game locator will be a great way to drive player traffic to these locations,” added Ranck.