Play Mechanix Declares Open Season


Play Mechanix Declares Open Season

Good things come to those who wait. Big Buck Hunter Pro fans get ready; it is now time for Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season!

Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season, the first full-blown software upgrade for # 1 hunting game, Big Buck Hunter Pro, delivers an astounding 60% more content than the original video shooter. The upgrade includes a wide variety of enhancements and additions over the original version. Three new animals with nine new treks give hunters a total of eight animals and 24 trek options to choose from. With 45 new picturesque sites to hunt new animals such as Mountain Goat, Mule Deer, and Bison, the total number of hunting sites in Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season clocks in at a staggering 120. Nine new bonus rounds were also added to this upgrade for a grand total of 24. Play Mechanix even added another 24 new critters to Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season to enhance the hunting challenge. Last, but certainly not least, 2 new full motion Big Buck Girls have been added to this newest edition. That is a lot of content!

“I can’t recall a standard video game upgrade that offers so much new content in one upgrade,” said Tony Maniscalco, National Sales Manager Betson Proprietary Products. “If that’s not enough, operators who connect to the CoinUp Service will get even more content at no charge!”

Betson and its Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix Distributor Network will have a lot of ammunition this fall with Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season, as the game will be offered in four different configurations. A dedicated 42” LCD Deluxe and a 27” Standard model will lead the product line. Two kit options are also available. A full conversion kit complete with a Dell PC and two rifles will turn any tired old gun game into a proven earner. For the supporters of the Big Buck Hunter Pro, a simple and inexpensive software upgrade is being offered in appreciation of their loyalty. All four configurations will be released simultaneously for fall placement.

Guitar Hero™ Arcade Rocks California Extreme Event 2009



2009 CA Extreme, a celebration of coin operated pinball machines, video games and amusement novelties, cranked up the volume at its 13th annual event with a two day Guitar Hero™ Arcade tournament. Raw Thrills, developer of Guitar Hero™ Arcade and Betson Enterprises the exclusive Raw Thrills distributor for coin operated products, was the official sponsor of this event held in Santa Clara, CA, July 11th -12th. Over 50 players from all over North America entered the contest to compete for the grand prize, an Ultimate Guitar Hero™ package that consisted of a Wii Console complete with a full band kit and 5 Guitar Hero™ Arcade titles. Prize packages of Guitar Hero™ products with a retail value of over $2,000 were awarded to the top 16 players. Players were required to test their skills on (5) predetermined Guitar Hero™ Arcade songs. Each player was required to compete on the same level of difficulty and was awarded points for the placement of their song scores in the 5 categories. The top 16 players advanced to a 4 round showdown that narrowed the field to 2 players who would battle it out in a best-of-three contest. Bowen Kerins, Tournament Director of CA Extreme, noted,“A lot of people were introduced to Guitar Hero™ Arcade for the first time.” He added, “Guitar Hero™ Arcade was played before, during, and after the tournament events on both days.” Boys, girls, men and woman from as far as Massachusetts and Burnaby, Canada entered the competition. Alec Castillo, a 14 year old contestant held off some stiff competition from Justin Kelly, a 33 year old Pinball Enthusiast, who just couldn’t resist the chance to compete on the popular Guitar Hero™ Arcade machine. “I play the Guitar Hero™ Arcade at my local theater all the time!” said Justin. “It’s a great game!” At the end of the event Tony Maniscalco, of Betson Enterprises, and Bowen Kerins, Tournament Director of CA Extreme, presented Alec Castillo with a Guitar Hero™ Arcade championship plaque and the Ultimate Guitar Hero™ prize package. “Coin Operators already know the value of promoting tournaments and contests on the Play Mechanix Big Buck Hunter Pro and Safari products.” said Tony Maniscalco. “Guitar Hero™ Arcade is the perfect product to drive location traffic with organized contests!” To see the excitement created by the Guitar Hero™ Arcade tournament at CA Extreme 2009, visit the Betson4Games Channel on